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Greetings one and all! Please be a part of living the purposeful slow life by engaging in creating organized living spaces and taking time out of the week to do basic planning so that the rest of the weeks (which become years) take the shape and form you give them. This group is dedicated to fostering that lifestyle and supporting one another in creating that for ourselves every day. I'll put the kettle on, make yourself at home.

Life in Slow Motion

Posted By CheekyGrapefruit on Jul 19, 2008 at 7:51AM

There are in fact, quite a few associations which I have been guiltily fawning over for a few months. I am getting ready to join the "Cloud Watching Society"as well as the "Society for Slow Living". Nestled in the heart of Queens, NY, my flat doesn't get get to see too many clouds go by and I am constantly being pushed aside by people who insist on getting to the Metro stop one second before anyone else does. If I look at that "push" a little closer, I could actually define it by saying: I NEED TO GET THERE, NOW!!! YOU ARE MOVING TOO SLOW FOR ME. So then what does "getting there now" signify in our lives? I love the Pink Floyd definition of "one step closer to death." It encapsulates the insanity of the rush. But then again, most New Yorkers will insist that is the exact reason they NEED to hustle. Type A personalities aside, I am actively choosing to live my life in slow motion (a clever title plagerised from David Gray's last album). The hustle and bustle for me, happens in my head when I am writing. There are a slew of metro stops, bus lines and taxi routes that navigate the intricate synapse highways inside my head. I shove ideas aside, mercilessly as I plow forward at insane speeds, hoping to catch the last train to "finished product." That's also why I've tried to turn my home into a sanctuary. You wouldn't know it, looking at it now but within all the efforts of combining two homes, there are areas dedicated to open space, slience and yes, I dare say it, environmentally dangerous, ambient lighting.
I tried moving over to the light bulbs whose emitted light on any normal human being create the desired effect for excited oncology specialists. However, I just can't live with that. Some of those flameless candles have also attempted to smuggle non-ambient light into a bastardized form of what was once a unit of measure for emitted light. Candle light does wonders to slow down life. I'm sticking with it (pun intended).
This is not to say that I wish to lead a dull and dreary existence all out of daily morass. On the contrary, my daily ambitions have turned my biological nesting desires into a variation of self-expression and a (God-given + American) right to pursue my happiness. Happiness for me, comes in the form of clean hard-wood floors, limited material wants (purposeful-that's another blog), and the ability to limit my sensory intake, because although tomorrow may never come, I don't want to have lived in gluttony. I trust the Universe has ample time and space set aside for me to see and hear what I need. I want to take my time. So the cloud watching society can now entertain my desire to pontificate on mid-summer cumulonimbus structures.

Not your grandmother's Tupperware

Posted By CheekyGrapefruit on Nov 29, 2007 at 8:37PM

Hello again folks. I've recently fallen in love with some bowls. And this time, I think I went a little overboard. I actually loved them so much that I signed up to become a Tupperware consultant (yes, that's the official title, don' laugh). The did this because I so believe in these products! I have used the various containers for storage in places you would not believe! I keep travel gear in the "minis," I keep shoes in some, jewelry in others. It makes my closet look fab, my refrigerator sleek and easily accessible and best of all, they come in some of the coolest colours yet!
The motivation behind this came when I got Dr's Oz's book on dieting YOU ON A DIET, and I realized that only by scheduling and creating meal plans was I ever going to succeed and being responsible for what goes into my body. Since I can't ever do any one thing normally, I decided I wanted to look cool doing it too. I mean you can open your frigde and have that broccoli starring back at you with the "come hither" stare that broccoli usually has, or I could place in an translucent tupperware container and set the portion in just right and have a series of red and green lovlies welcoming me when I decide enough is enough and I need my chocolate fix. Let me tell you how amazing it was the morning I woke up at 5:30 (yes, I really did) and fumbled my way to the fridge, not too excited about "being on a diet" when I was GOBSMACKED by the potpouri of colours that hit my one opened eye, enticing me to enter the realm of those svelt -pilates going-yogurt eating-size -1 women who did this sort of thing as if it were their job.
I too had a job and by jove, I was going to enjoy being on a diet! So now, I am a Tupperware consultant.
Enjoy All

The Planner

Posted By CheekyGrapefruit on Oct 21, 2007 at 10:51PM

How many of us have a planner and actually use it? Properly? This is one of the questions I asked myself as a result of noticing that my Franklin Covey planner was being used (slightly) at the beginning and end of every year. So I decided to do something about it and took a course with Franklin Covey called FOCUS. Although I thought the class was a bit overpriced-the value I got out of it seemed to make up for the two hundred and change. * You pay less if you actually have a planner, otherwise a whole new system is included in the price. I found this seminar to be very useful because I got the tools needed to help me sort out my schedule. Before the course I would add items into it, here and there-or as they were happening, as if to "track" the chaos of my life. Now, I learned how to use the various sections of the planner and am looking forward to sitting down, as a ritual in my life, and planning my week or month. Furthermore, I understood the concept of goal setting based on values and principles and how I can set up my planner to achieve these goals based on a little planning. My next step is to create a 2 week menu-to take the guess work out of "what's for dinner?"

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